Combat Grappling Association

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Membership for Gym, School, and Dojo's that want to add a grappling program into their facility or to enhance the current program

Affiliated Instructor Program

Access to Grappling Levels 1 through 4

Access to private "instructors only" facebook forum

 support to help instruct and run a grappling program


 Apply for our affiliate instructor program

email the following info: Name/age/location, facility name, Martial Arts/Grappling experience

All application information is kept confidential

Removal from Association and/or consideration for entrance into the Combat Grappling Association

Misrepresenting experience or credentials


History of poor Sportsmanship

Negative attitude ie...constant trash talk of other Martial Arts, instructors, not adding anything positive to the Association and it's image

Affiliate Instructor Program


Be in process of completing Levels 1 through 4. (must be completed within 18 months of joining the Association

Must host or attend an Association Seminar once every 12 months. (every 18 months for gyms outside of the United States)

Must compete twice in any grappling event, at any level within 18 months. If Instructor is unable to compete, for whatever reason, the instructor must have at least 1 student, that the instructor has trained (with the student having no prior experience outside of that instructor and the Association) compete at least twice within 18 months. This is to demonstrate the skill/teaching ability of the Instructor. Must video the matches and post online for review.

Participate in the following: instructor facebook group, newsletter, and association events

Provide training and coaching for students that wish to compete

Certified Grappling Instructor

Must complete all of the Affiliate Instructor requirements

Must complete Grappling levels 1 through 4

Must compete (or develop a student to compete) at Intermediate level or higher at least once. Must video and post online for review.

Can promote Students up to and including level 3.

Must host or attend Association Seminar once every 12 months. (18 Months outside of the United States).

Must continue to learn and progress through Grappling levels 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Association Instructor

must complete levels 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Must compete (or develop student to compete) at advanced level or higher at least once.

Can promote up to level 7.

Can promote Affiliate instructor to Certified Grappling Instructor (with association approval)

Can host association seminars